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Adventures in Editing

So I tried editing my work this weekend while I’m waiting to hear back from Amazon.

Man, is it hard.

The story I’m editing is something I wrote about 4 years ago and I haven’t touched it since. I’m one of those people that when I write, I go all out until I can’t feel my brain any more. So needless to say, I was successful.

Now that I’m trying to edit it so that it’s consistent and actually good I’m finding it a little difficult.

I’m only on page 20 of 315 and man is it slow going. It didn’t help that this weekend I had company from out of town so that drastically cut into my editing time. So, I’m right where I was on Thursday night. Which means I have to step up my game.

I’m currently waiting to hear from Amazon as I was slightly confused about their agreement regarding their Kindle Direct Publishing. When I spoke to customer service on Tuesday I was told I would hear back within 12-24 hours. Nothing yet. They did provide me with a direct link to the support unit I need, so if I don’t hear anything today, I will try to contact them again.

I really want to get this story dressed up and pretty so that I can put her  out there in April at the latest.

Yes, that is a long time from now, but I don’t want to put some piece of crap out there. I’ve been told this particular story is really good when I’ve shared it with a few close friends so I know it has potential. I want the rest of the world to see that potential too. I want people to read this story and fall in love with it. I want them to laugh when they read it. I want them to get excited when something interesting happens. I would be honoured (< I did not correct this, because this is how we spell this word in Canada :P)if people would cry when they read it. And not because it was THAT BAD but because they were so emotionally invested they couldn’t help it. I’ve cried when reading books and manga before. Hell, I cry when I watch anime because I get that into it.

So here’s hoping I hear from the support unit today! The sooner, the better because that means I can put this story out faster. 🙂

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Regret is worse than Rejection

Welcome welcome welcome!

My name is Sarah Jayne Nantais and I’ll be your entertainment/pass-time/boredom-killer today.

I decided to set up this website as a way to promote myself and whore the hell out of myself for my next step in my life.

For a long time I’ve been writing. I call them “stories” because since I’ve never been published, I didn’t feel I had the right to call them “novels”.

I write because I want to. I write as a sort of self-therapy and I write for fun. I’ve never been very confident in myself or my abilities although many around me told me my stories are “good” or “great”. I have always thought they just said that because they were my friends/family so I never took the step to get anything I’ve written published.

But now I am taking that step. That jump. That leap. It’s bloody terrifying.

It’s self-publishing, so maybe that’s cheating a bit, but I’m doing it anyway! I’ll be publishing through Kindle Direct Publishing with Amazon and I’ll post when it’s actually available. Right now I’m in correspondence with them to clarify something in the agreement I didn’t understand.

I don’t speak legalease!!! *shakes fist*


I wasn’t going to do much on this website until I had a few things sorted out, but I can’t wait that long!

I wrote a bit about myself on my “About” page. (that’s what it’s for, right?) so there’s not much to say here that isn’t a repetition.

A lot of my writing is influenced by anime, manga, Japanese folklore, and video games. I just love it all. I can’t tell you why. Sometimes when I write, I envision what the scene would look like if it was in a manga or anime ^^; I’m just like that. Strange I suppose.

Why did I decide to publish NOW and not 10 years ago? Well, this year I turn 30.


I decided now was as good a time as any because I didn’t want to regret the fact that I never tried. The worst that can happen from publishing my work is that people hate it.

And that’s okay.

I’m not looking for fame, I’m not looking for fortune, even though it would be nice. I write because I want to.

Hopefully those of you reading this will be interested enough to check it out. Maybe you’ll even buy it when it comes out and wish for more. Maybe you’ll hate it and think it’s lame.

But that’s okay. That’s your opinion and you are allowed to have that.

Just like I’m allowed to try 🙂

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