Disaster and Distress

Every character needs to go through some sort of event. It’s almost impossible to write a story where nothing happens to the characters unless that is the entire purpose of your story.

In Three Abandoned Kingdoms we know that war has been raging for hundreds of years. The main characters, Aldric and Brexton are survivors of a war camp where they have been child soldiers their entire lives. The escape at the age of 11/10 and enter into an underworld that is surprisingly kind to them. They have skills that other children their age do not and they exploit those skills to get what they want.

Life is not easy for our dear protagonists. They stumble as they mature and they falter as they face difficult decisions that hit close to home. But because they are who they are, they are invited to partake in an amazing adventure which is the core of Three Abandoned Kingdoms. This is not a YA adventure. There is nothing whimsical or lovely about this. They meet and befriend others who are as damaged and as dangerous as they are.

For our antagonists, our villains, life is also not easy for them. Also two men that both grew up in high pressure situations; a crown prince who is lame and disabled with a dark heart and the son of a duke who enacted terror from the shadows. Both men found a kindred soul in the other and they begin their work in the bowels of the Brynan castle.

War takes no prisoners. Distress comes to all. Disaster destroys everything. It is those who rise from the rubble: who climb from the depths of that despair and claw their way back into the light. Three Abandoned Kingdoms is a story of that. Of four men trying to release themselves from that darkness, their own darkness, and touch their own personal light.

This is the first time I’ve written anything where men are the main characters. In my ‘band’ of protagonists there are three other women and they are all strong women. However, the story itself focuses on Brexton and Aldric. It focuses on their individual and collective journeys.

I’m itching to write it now. Curses on you, work week!


Don’t mess with me! 😛

Posted by Sarah Jayne


Well, that sounds really interesting! I love the idea of both the protagonists and antagonists being flawed, as it avoids black-and-white storylines. Can’t blame you for being excited to write it! 😄

Sarah Jayne Nantais

The truth is that in reality no one is perfect, right? These 4 men are human. Painfully so. It only seems right to portray them as such. 😊

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