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Let Me Sleep

Okay, it’s 2:30 am where I am and I need to be up in four hours. My first attempt at going to sleep did not go over well.

Here is the short I mentioned a couple hours ago. I’m pretty sober but that doesn’t mean it’s not messy. Are there issues? Probably. Do I care? Not right now. These shorts are not designed to be perfect. They basically serve the purpose of allowing me to flesh out certain characters and their personalities for TAK as a whole.

Hopefully you can enjoy this, even with all the blemishes:

Of Love and Pride

Enjoy a trip into the past of Raelin and Lot during their youth at The College: she before joining a mercenary band and he before fleeing from the military and going underground.

It was a fun write and I do so enjoy getting more of Lot out there for others to see. As it stands he doesn’t get much exposure in TAK, especially his relationship with Kokoro.

It’s time for this crazy lady to try to go to sleep. How the hell am I supposed to function tomorrow?!

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Fire in the Moonlight

So I wrote another short! It’s been a while and this one is a bit different in style from the others.

We’ll get a glimpse at some characters that have been mentioned in a previous short, from a different perspective.

I hope you enjoy it!

Fire in the Moonlight

This is the rough draft and hasn’t been edited. I just finished it like half an hour ago. I’ll edit it later 😀

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Character Update

Okay don’t get mad.

I was reviewing the file for TAK and reviewing the shorts I’ve written thus far.

There’s a character quirk for Aldric that I had written in one fashion and now I’m changing it.

I’m the Creator here, so I’m allowed to mess with my world however I want lol

If you had already read the short Loneliness you might want to read it again. Here, I’ll give you the updated file. Because I’m so nice 😛

It’s not a huge change, just something I had one way that I don’t like anymore. Since I have my beautiful tablet I’m working really hard at continuing the first draft for TAK so I can get it out there for you all.

Loneliness and Love

Hopefully you’re all okay with that. If not, well, I’ll take your criticism and keep on keepin’ on.

Take a gander into the mind of Aldric and the insecurities he lives with!

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Disaster and Distress

Every character needs to go through some sort of event. It’s almost impossible to write a story where nothing happens to the characters unless that is the entire purpose of your story.

In Three Abandoned Kingdoms we know that war has been raging for hundreds of years. The main characters, Aldric and Brexton are survivors of a war camp where they have been child soldiers their entire lives. The escape at the age of 11/10 and enter into an underworld that is surprisingly kind to them. They have skills that other children their age do not and they exploit those skills to get what they want.

Life is not easy for our dear protagonists. They stumble as they mature and they falter as they face difficult decisions that hit close to home. But because they are who they are, they are invited to partake in an amazing adventure which is the core of Three Abandoned Kingdoms. This is not a YA adventure. There is nothing whimsical or lovely about this. They meet and befriend others who are as damaged and as dangerous as they are.

For our antagonists, our villains, life is also not easy for them. Also two men that both grew up in high pressure situations; a crown prince who is lame and disabled with a dark heart and the son of a duke who enacted terror from the shadows. Both men found a kindred soul in the other and they begin their work in the bowels of the Brynan castle.

War takes no prisoners. Distress comes to all. Disaster destroys everything. It is those who rise from the rubble: who climb from the depths of that despair and claw their way back into the light. Three Abandoned Kingdoms is a story of that. Of four men trying to release themselves from that darkness, their own darkness, and touch their own personal light.

This is the first time I’ve written anything where men are the main characters. In my ‘band’ of protagonists there are three other women and they are all strong women. However, the story itself focuses on Brexton and Aldric. It focuses on their individual and collective journeys.

I’m itching to write it now. Curses on you, work week!


Don’t mess with me! 😛

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Fleshing it Out

If you’ve noticed, the last few posts have been songs. Or song-like pieces. These may or may not actually show up in TAK, but I felt it was important to start writing down those little bits of information that swirl in my brain.

I’ve never really paid much mind to the songs and legends that crop up in fantasy-adventure stories, unless of course the story heavily relies on them.

I once wrote a story that involved a travelling band of musicians and not once did I write anything about the songs. No lyrics, nothing. Descriptions of the music but that was it. In TAK no one is involved with music. That is to say, there are no musicians and no bands or the like that play. At least, not right now. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be music. Music is an exportable commodity from one of the kingdoms. They make their living off of the arts: tapestries, paintings, pottery, clothing and of course, music.

So bear with me while I flesh this all out.

I created another character yesterday. I don’t want to say too much about her because I don’t want to spoil anything in the book. She won’t show up until mid-way through. There may be a mention of her in passing earlier (since I’m convinced I need to rewrite the entire thing since I haven’t touched it in like, 2 years) but she is a bit of a special character so I don’t want to spoil things.

I know I haven’t written any shorts in a while either. That was a new way to flesh out the story that I was trying and I think I like it a lot. It allows me to analyse and look at what could possibly make a particular character tick. It also gives a bit of a candid view of that character that you won’t see in the actual novel. The little three story piece I wrote about the Charlatan and Kokoro is my favourite, I think.

The Charlatan and the Flower

The Charlatan and Kokoro

Kokoro and the Charlatan

You will not be seeing this development in TAK at all.  You will meet these characters, but you won’t get to see how they came to be where they are. So take a gander if you’d like.

Happy Tuesday and may your day be comfortable!

cyanide and happiness

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Brexton and the War Dog

Ah  my lovelies. This is my first time attempting a scheduled post because I didn’t want to inundate your feeds with my writings.

I have completed ‘Brexton and the War Dog’. It is now available for your reading pleasure!

As always, this story is considered copyrighted under my information. If you want to link to it, use it for anything you need to give credit where credit is due. I will be publishing a book of shorts which will include this story and others that I’ve published on the site after I publish TAK.

So cuddle up. Get some warm tea. Maybe some tissues. Enjoy your reading!

*The following story is rated M for mature. It involves cruelty towards animals. Read with caution*

Brexton and the War Dog

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I have been such a bad bad blogger.

Thank you to those who have stayed with me and still followed me even though I have been majorly absent.

My office is still a mess. The day job I had, I quit due to problems with management. I have an interview tomorrow that is promising and the hope of gaining more teaching hours for January if nothing else comes through. I’m not 100% unemployed right now because I picked up some tutoring hours at my teaching gig. It’s less money but it’s still money. Luckily I finished my Christmas shopping save one present and some wrapping paper. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

As an apology, here is the long-awaited short from TAK that I promised in like, August.


It might be a little mature due to the violence, but it’s not anywhere near as objectionable as Skeletons in the Closet.

So, enjoy! I hope to be on more frequently.

Thanks again for sticking with me 😀

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Another TAK Short

Alright, here is another short story using some more characters from my upcoming book TAK.


That’s your warning. Read at your own risk. If I do publish a book of shorts from the world of TAK this particular tale may or may not be included. I’m surprised at myself for writing it. If you do end up reading TAK when it comes out (maybe 2015?) this story will give you some insight into a certain character’s mindset.

Anyway, that’s enough of the warning. I still think it’s a good story, despite the potentially mind-melting disturbing parts. Don’t say I didn’t tell you!

Skeletons in the Closet

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