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Story Two

Well, it’s not really story two since this is the third short I’ve released.

I didn’t have time to do up last night, so here it is!

This is called Kokoro and The Charlatan. It’s basically the same story from yesterday just told from Kokoro’s perspective.

Of course, I should mention again that these are first drafts and not final. Things may change between releasing them now and when they are finally published. There may be some glaring discrepancies which I hope to catch later on. If you notice anything, feel free to let me know!

Happy reading!

Kokoro and the Charlatan

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Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder


I am sorry I’ve been like a ghost for so long. I thought I would have more time for writing being a stay-at-home mom but I have less time than I did before! I work in the evenings so when I finally get to be released from watching my little monsters I have to go to work. And then I come home, and I’m tired, so I sleep.

Today I managed to get a few hours to myself so I was able to work on another short story from the world of TAK.

This story is about how Kokoro started coming to work at the clinic with The Charlatan. This story is from Charlatan’s perspective. I plan to write another one from Kokoro’s perspective and put it up sometime tonight. I need to take a break from writing for a bit because:

a) I’m hungry

b) my eyes are hurting from staring at the screen.

So here is the story of The Charlatan and Kokoro! I hope you enjoy it!

The Charlatan and Kokoro

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The Charlatan and The Flower

Ahhhhh……so I finished writing the short story that was overtaking my brain.

I’m going to post more of these, most likely. This will give some readers insight into the world of TAK which will be the stage for my next novel. I like writing these short stories because it allows me to flesh out minor characters and give them more depth. It also allows me to fill in blanks or fill holes in the pasts of major characters that might be alluded to in the main novel.

So here is the first short The Charlatan and The Flower. When I actually put the collection together this will not necessarily be the first story. It’s just the first one I’ve published so far. It’s undergone a rough edit but when it comes time to actually publish it I will be more thorough.

If I were to rate this story, I would say it was M for ‘Mature’ as it involves language and sexual themes. I don’t think any one under 18 reads my blog anyway 🙂

Hope you enjoy!

The Charlatan and the Flower


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