Mindful Musings #213


It stands before me:


An insurmountable thing.

Fear curls its icy tendrils

Around my heart

As the panic sets in.

Deep breaths, now.



Four times for good measure.

Eyes open, surveying the obstacle before me.

Deep breaths, now.



Four times for good measure.

Dig deep down inside.

Grab that perseverance.

Grab it tighter than the fear grips you.

And begin to climb.


Mindful Musings #212


It’s almost been ten long years

Since we met;

Since we loved.

When thoughts of you cross my mind

I have come to realize

That I could no longer recognize your voice.

Time has taken these pieces

And tossed them into the universe.

Now you are a tiny speck of sand,

Of dust,

A crumb on the trail

That I have left behind.

Mindful Musings #211


Can you breathe?

The icy air constricts your lungs.

Every breath is raw.

Can you breathe?

Nostrils freeze closed only to be forced open by oxygen.

Cheeks flush red as the wind whips harshly across them.

Can you breathe?

This frozen winter air begets a winter wonderland

As the season stretches on and on.

Can you breathe?

Mindful Musings #210

Mindful Musings

Shots fired

From behind a computer screen.

A keyboard is a weapon

The characters flashing on the screen

The ammunition.

Shots fired

Until there is not a breath left.

Hiding behind your shield

Of distance or anonymity

You can take pleasure in the outcome: the aftermath.

Shots fired.