Mindful Musings #188

Mindful Musings

I feel the ache

All the way to my bones.

Past my skin,

Through my blood,

Evading my nerves

And permeating my cells.



Frozen fingers

Attack the keys

In desperation

To seek a sliver;

A fragment

Of warmth.

Posted by Sarah Jayne


The Accidental Poet


I really like this poem. Especially the first four lines. By the way, your copyright notice at the bottom of the poem should include the year. I worked for a number of years in intellectual property, and our company had to assert copyright and trademark infringement on several occasions. The proper FULL notification of your copyright is the symbol (“c” in the circle), the year you wrote it, and your name. I look forward to reading more from you.

Steve (The Accidental Poet)

Sarah Jayne Nantais

Thank you very much! I do have a copyright notice on my contact and copyright page. Does that cover everything on the site or do I need something on every post? Thanks for the feedback!

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