Mindful Musings #62

Mindful Musings

Being an island

Is difficult work.

Even though I am an island

By my own choosing

The loneliness is suffocating.

There are no ferries to my island.

There are no tunnels to my shore.

I will not be drowned.

I will stand strong

As a good island should.

Perhaps you would like to visit me?

Come walk upon my shores

And revel in my wilderness.

I am an island.

I am me.

Posted by Sarah Jayne


Brilliant shift from melancholic to defiant there. Really really like this! 😊

Sarah Jayne Nantais

Thanks! It’s a common feeling I have on this topic. I don’t usually get defiant but today I was like HELL YES.

Excellent! 😄 Inspired a great little poem, so let’s hope you have some more of these days!

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