5 Days!

That’s how much time is left between now and my publication date.

I AM SO NERVOUS lol I should be able to publish with Smashwords no problem on Friday, probably Friday afternoon or evening, and then work on getting everything uploaded to KDP on the Saturday.

I received far less votes than I expected on my little poll, but I have decided to go with Verdana 11 pt for my first book. I like the look of that font and I find it a bit cleaner than Times and not as basic as Arial.

Because I’ve got such a crunch I was going to bring my laptop to work and start formatting during lunch break at my Day Job, but when I checked my calendar this morning, I was reminded that I’m baaarely in the office all week!

This means there are going to be some late nights ahead of me! But that’s okay! The bare-bones formatting is done, it’s just going through the story to make sure that the spaces are proper, what I wanted in bold and italics is back in that style. I have 27 chapters to deal with and last night I got up to chapter 3, which isn’t too bad since I didn’t format the whole night.

Here’s hoping!!!

Posted by Sarah Jayne

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