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Sometimes I need to remember that when people are reading my work they don’t necessarily know all the back-stories for every character like I do.

I’ve taken to writing little shorts about the main characters in my stories and there’s not always room or they’re not always relevant to the story I’m writing so they’re not always included.

As I’m editing Black & Red there are some things that I know that the readers don’t. I avoid putting in too much that isn’t relevant or else the story I’m writing will lose it’s focus.

But now that I’m at the part that I didn’t really like when I wrote it the first time, I realize I can put a little bit of those back-stories in. The main characters are gearing up for the final showdown against the bad guys so it’s a time of reflection. It’s a good place for them to reminisce on their pasts (maybe not too much, of course) and it’s a good place to have parts where I focus on the mindset of one character at a time. Everyone handles conflict differently and if these guys are about to obliterate the bad guys then they’re all going to have different feelings about it. It’s the final boss of this ‘game’ and there will be no going back from here!!

Hopefully I don’t put anything unnecessary in there. I’ll find it when I go through and do the formatting though, because I’ll be reading it again at that time.

It’s their final battle and my final battle. Let’s see who wins 😉

Posted by Sarah Jayne

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