Character Conundrum

As I was editing into the late hours this weekend, I suddenly had this fear that the story I’m editing, that SHOULD be getting published at the end of this month, has flat characters.

*falls to knees, grabbing head in hands and wails*

Noooooooooo! They can’t be flat! Anything but flat! They have personality, I swear! They have interesting back stories and they have interesting problems that they need to overcome. And the story itself is interesting! I promise!

I’m hoping I only feel that way because I’m going through the edit right now and I’m not really paying ‘attention’ to the story. Right now it’s basic editing plus a bit of a continuity check. When I do my second edit (while I format) that will also be to ensure the story doesn’t suck and that it’s been formatted in a way that it should be readable on all e-reading devices.

Unfortunately, I have to face the reality that I might not be able to be finished by my April 30th deadline.

I want to be able to put out a great story. Not amazing, I’m not overreaching here, but great. If I need to push back my publishing date to do that, I think the public will be happier because they’ll be reading something that’s been worked on until it’s reached my standards.

Hopefully it won’t take that long though! I’m still gunning like I’m publishing on the 30th, so that should help. It’s just that somewhere in the back of my mind I’ve accepted that if I go passed that date, it’s not a bad thing.

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