Does Spring Exist?


Living out in Alberta, Canada has taught me to treasure the warmer seasons because they last like, a month out here.

We had nice weather and the snow was almost all melted yesterday……today we got dumped on, it’s still snowing, and some areas have been hit with freezing rain. We’re supposed to get more snow tomorrow and on Sunday. I’ve heard between 5-10 cm for today and tomorrow. It’s supposed to turn to rain on Sunday….which means freezing rain.

This snowfall means people are going to forget how to drive, there are going to be accidents all over the place, and my dog is going to get all dainty-like and act like she can’t handle being in the snow for more than five seconds.

I’ve got news for her. Her master isn’t home right now as he’s away for work for the next month and I DO NOT shovel her little area where she goes to the bathroom. Sorry pooch. Deal with it.

Good news: last night I came home from work to find my order from Amazon had come in. That meant 3 new volumes of manga (YESSSS!!!! One I’ve been waiting for since SEPTEMBER) and some books by Guy Gavriel Kay.

Does this mean it’s going to eat into my editing time? The manga took over last night, but the novels I’ve read before and just needed to replace as they had been……misplaced, if you will.

Today I will continue editing at my Day Job on my lunch break, then I will most likely edit tonight and this weekend. I already know my son won’t nap so my editing time will be delegated to when he’s sleeping for the night. I do have friends coming down this weekend anyway so there’s a chance I might not have a whole lot of time on Saturday night.

BUT! I’m still close to my goal for publishing in April! Yeah!!! After this editing breeze I just need to format and I can finalize editing while I do that 😀

GO ME! 😀 😀

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