End of April

So the more I work on my story the more I have to accept the fact that I will most likely be finished and able to publish by the END of April.

I was sort of hoping for the beginning or the middle, but when I think realistically and I account for the time I actually have to edit, end of April will glean a much more polished project.

Right now my editing time is lunch time at my Day Job. My husband leaves within the first few days of April for work and he’ll be gone for a month. That will free up some evening time after the little one has gone to bed. Weekends will most likely be out of the question because the Boy does not nap on the weekends.

But that’s okay. It’s better to put something off and then present it later so that it’s complete than put it out there early and have it be a disaster.

Posted by Sarah Jayne


Justin Sargeant

Good luck with getting it all finished. As someone who is working on finishing his book and hoping to publish one day, I look forward to hearing how the process goes.

Sarah Jayne Nantais

Thanks! It’s been a process, that’s for sure. Just trying to decide which self-publishing platform to use was difficult enough. But I’ve got a pretty good handle on it now 🙂

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