Fleshing it Out

If you’ve noticed, the last few posts have been songs. Or song-like pieces. These may or may not actually show up in TAK, but I felt it was important to start writing down those little bits of information that swirl in my brain.

I’ve never really paid much mind to the songs and legends that crop up in fantasy-adventure stories, unless of course the story heavily relies on them.

I once wrote a story that involved a travelling band of musicians and not once did I write anything about the songs. No lyrics, nothing. Descriptions of the music but that was it. In TAK no one is involved with music. That is to say, there are no musicians and no bands or the like that play. At least, not right now. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be music. Music is an exportable commodity from one of the kingdoms. They make their living off of the arts: tapestries, paintings, pottery, clothing and of course, music.

So bear with me while I flesh this all out.

I created another character yesterday. I don’t want to say too much about her because I don’t want to spoil anything in the book. She won’t show up until mid-way through. There may be a mention of her in passing earlier (since I’m convinced I need to rewrite the entire thing since I haven’t touched it in like, 2 years) but she is a bit of a special character so I don’t want to spoil things.

I know I haven’t written any shorts in a while either. That was a new way to flesh out the story that I was trying and I think I like it a lot. It allows me to analyse and look at what could possibly make a particular character tick. It also gives a bit of a candid view of that character that you won’t see in the actual novel. The little three story piece I wrote about the Charlatan and Kokoro is my favourite, I think.

The Charlatan and the Flower

The Charlatan and Kokoro

Kokoro and the Charlatan

You will not be seeing this development in TAK at all.  You will meet these characters, but you won’t get to see how they came to be where they are. So take a gander if you’d like.

Happy Tuesday and may your day be comfortable!

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