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I was working hard today!

I was working hard today!

You’ll be pleased to see that I was working on some story-related brainstorming today during my lunch hour. Don’t try to read too closely as some,  if not most, of what I wrote can be changed. There may be some spoilers so don’t ruin your read if you don’t want to!

On the plus side, I believe I’ve mapped out what I want to happen. I’ve been overly stuck on the middle-ish part of the book as I’ve passed 100 pages but can’t seem to keep the story going. This session really helped and allowed me to change a couple ideas I had and flesh out some finer points on what I’ve already written. I think I’ll start working on my book during my lunch time too. If my tablet is charged I will bring it tomorrow. I’ll need to remember to bring my outline notebook and transfer what I’ve written in this one to that one.

It’s coming along my dears! I am beginning to look out for an artist for the cover. The first one I asked my husband to do and it was quite easy to that on my own. It’ll be in an ebook format again but this time I’ll just go with Kindle Direct Publishing and forego Smashwords. I also need to work on getting Black & Red  available in print. I should have quite a bit of spare time as my husband started school today and starts part-time work after school tomorrow. I’ll have to plan my evenings carefully for all of you.

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