Getting Ready to Pimp My Story

Now that I’ve decided it’s okay to publish with both Smashwords and Kindle Direct Publishing, I’m thinking of other ways to pimp my story once it’s available for all to access.

I know I’ll get an author page on both Smashwords and KDP as well as this website and my account on the Twitter. I’ve got an author page on the Facebook too. *cough**cough*

At this point I’m only planning on going digital with my release. I know there is an option that’s very affordable, if not free, for paperback physical copies. I’m not sure if Black & Red is amazing enough for that.

It’s not that it’s a crappy story. If it was, I wouldn’t even bother trying to put it out there. But I just don’t feel in my gut of guts that it’s as awesome as the work-in-progress I’ll attack after I suffer through formatting and release Black & Red to the wilds of the internet.

We’ll see. Maybe after it’s been out for a few months I’ll do a poll to see if people are interested in getting physical copies. I could always do autographed ones for giveaways (Wow! Will I ever be cool enough that an autographed book would be worth something?! Without dying, too. I don’t want to have to die to be cool enough) or something on my website.

These are all little things I can worry my little head about AFTER I wade through the jungle of formatting and slay that beast as well.

Posted by Sarah Jayne

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