Hello Tuesday!

With my Day Job I get to be on Television! Did I tell you that before?

It’s local cable and it’s basically me sitting and talking to people about what is happening around my fair little city and how it relates to/why it is important for immigrants to Canada.

Today is only my second screening because I was sick last week :'( I was so sad, but I was also dying and it’s better not to spread my evil germs across the planet. I’ve done that enough by procreating.

I’m hoping to find some quiet time to get back to work on TAK. I feel like Brexton and Aldric must be mad at me since I’ve abandoned them for so long. While I did post some shorts in the past few months, none of them have included my two leads from the actual book. Part of that is because I have yet to separate what is important for the main story and what would be classified as just extra information.

A lot of the shorts I’ve posted are to give some back story to not-quite-main-but-important characters in the book. There were about 3 stories posted about The Charlatan and two that included his Nurse/Aide Kokoro. While both of these characters will show up in TAK I felt it might be better to include their back stories in a separate format as I don’t want to use the entire book to explain how each person met up with each other. There will be brief mention of it in the main story to explain the context and such, but not as much detail as the side stories.

This is also true of the story I wrote which centralizes on Project: Ghost. Gideon, who is a fairly important character, is given much more back story. Of course, all the stories I have posted are drafts and rather far from being perfected. My idea is that after I FINALLY finish TAK and publish it, I will finish writing and compiling the short stories and publish that separately like a companion book or whatever.

Sounds pretty damn fancy right?

I am almost jealous of myself!

Now some one find me some extra hours in a month so I can get on this.

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