Music and Writing

For me, music plays a huge part in my writing.

I need to have almost absolute silence when I write or when I edit. This means I either need the radio playing and any one else in the room can’t talk to me, or I need to put my iPod on.

Since I’m in my office editing most of the time, I put on my iPod. Depending on the scene I’m writing/editing or the emotion I am trying to replicate I will listen to certain music.

For fight scenes, I usually like to listen to upbeat music or purely instrumental. For emotional scenes I like to listen to Stephen Moccio’s Exposure album. Sometimes, I prefer to listen to J-Pop because I like the beat but I don’t get as distracted by the words since I don’t understand them all. Except for a few songs that I’ve listened to so many times I know the words, I just don’t know what they mean.

Music can be very important for me if I’m “stuck” too. It can help me hammer out something that’s maybe half-ass but that I know I can polish up later, it can help me figure out exactly what kind of emotion my character needs to display by evoking that emotion in myself.

Right now in my editing I’ve come across a scene that I rather like, but I feel as though it happened too fast. This afternoon’s editing is going to be reviewing what I reviewed yesterday and the subsequent chapters to see if I can cut the scene I wrote in half and space it out a bit more. Hopefully that will be doable and not take too much time. There’s probably going to be a lot of that since I’m at the part in my story that I was “meh” about and a lot of it was just written to bring conclusion to the piece.

Most of it is fine the way it is, but I can’t help feeling that for this particular scene I rushed some things and didn’t explain some things carefully enough.

I’ll see what damage I can do when it’s my lunch break 😀

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C.B. McCullough

I constantly listen to music while writing, as I find it difficult to concentrate in complete silence. The music has to be instrumental, though. Lyrics are too distracting, so film soundtracks are pretty helpful. Happy writing!

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