Oh Canada….

You never let me down.

In the city I currently live in, I’ve read a news article that the police who walk the beat downtown are going to be doing so…..on Segways.

Right. Because with cops on Segways we’ll be able to take them even more seriously.

Aside from that being relatively hilarious there isn’t much else going on. This weekend will be the start of formatting! Since I can’t do it on my tablet properly I’ve been designating all the formatting for home time, but I got a video game for Mother’s Day so that’s been eating up valuable formatting time 😛

The plan is to format at least 1/3 of the piece by the end of this weekend. My husband leaves for work again on the 15th so that will give me more lonely time at home to format and nit-pick and get everything ready to the PUBLISHING that will be taking place THIS MONTH.

I’m still terrified. Yup. Terrified.

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I have never been prouder to be Canadian.

Sarah Jayne Nantais

I know eh? Wow. That was very stereotypical of me to type 😛

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