I have been such a bad bad blogger.

Thank you to those who have stayed with me and still followed me even though I have been majorly absent.

My office is still a mess. The day job I had, I quit due to problems with management. I have an interview tomorrow that is promising and the hope of gaining more teaching hours for January if nothing else comes through. I’m not 100% unemployed right now because I picked up some tutoring hours at my teaching gig. It’s less money but it’s still money. Luckily I finished my Christmas shopping save one present and some wrapping paper. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

As an apology, here is the long-awaited short from TAK that I promised in like, August.


It might be a little mature due to the violence, but it’s not anywhere near as objectionable as Skeletons in the Closet.

So, enjoy! I hope to be on more frequently.

Thanks again for sticking with me 😀

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Just read this. Wow! That’s gripping stuff! I’ve always enjoyed the doomed experiment/clueless scientist kind of story and this one has the kind of terrifying mystery about it which makes them so exciting! I now really want to know about Oni’s powers and what the hell happened when Vaughn touched him! Excellent stuff! 😄

Sarah Jayne Nantais

Oh gee 😶 thanks! I just posted a new short called Fire in the Moonlight that you might like 😊

Cool, I’ll check that out today as well 😊

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