So Close!

So my publishing deadline is next Friday!!! :S


But, I think I can make it this time. I’ve done the bare-bones formatting, I’ve edited the big stuff, I’ve got my accounts at Smashwords and KDP all set up and I’ve got my account at PayPal set up too.

Once I decide on a font (and according to my poll Verdana is winning) I’ll go back through my work and change it if necessary and then review my cover art (it’s very simple but I like it) and make sure the dimensions are correct and go from there.

I’ll probably need to write up a blurb about it so people can get a general idea of the story, decide on a price point, and determine if I’m going to make coupons and try to give away some free copies. One of my coworkers told me she wants me to print a copy of my book in paperback and sign it for her lol That would mean using Create Space, so I might do that in June if I’m so inclined.

Anyways, here’s to work! Here’s to formatting! Here’s to FONTS!

Posted by Sarah Jayne

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