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I may work as a Virtual Help Desk Navigator but that does not mean I know a lot about technology and computers. I’ve watched The IT Crowd and I know that you should always try turning it on and off again before you call tech support. So needless to say, technology and I are not always friends.

I had been working on TAK on my Samsung Tab 10.1 for a long period of time. I would write on there, and then save a copy on my laptop.

There was a problem, however, and it forced me to realize I am not up to speed on what is out there. Because of this, my SD card in my tablet somehow corrupted only the file my story was in and has made it impossible to retrieve it. I have a copy on my laptop, but I feel like something is missing. It’s been so long since I could just sit and write I can’t even remember what I was doing in my story. I thought I had over 100 pages of work but when I look at what is on my computer is only 57 pages of typed information. Now, there very well could be the same amount of work and it’s just that the tablet displays it differently because of the screen size and whatnot.

However, after a conversation with BSP (Bespectacled Smarty Pants) ages ago he was asking me why I don’t write in a Google Doc? And I was like, Yeah! Why don’t I write in a Google Doc? So this morning, because I have an office again, I copied everything I had on TAK on my laptop into a Google Doc.

There is, however, a downside to this.

We use Google Docs a lot at my work. Like, I have it open all the time because chances are if there is a document someone wants to talk about on my team, it’s a Google Doc. This means that my story is at my finger tips at my work place.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

I’ve already been feeling the motivation slip away lately for a variety of reasons. This could end up being dangerous.

On another note, Mindful Musings #51 was my 300th post! YAY! Thanks to everyone for reading and sticking with me for these 3 years. Please keep coming back!

Let’s end on an awesome note!

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I use DropBox for my writing. Means the docs I’m working on are synced at home, on my laptop and at work. I used to email my MS to myself back in the Dark Ages. That was not an efficient way of working!

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It’s amazing to think of all our options now!

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