The Editing Nightmare of my Life

I’ve edited about 175 pages by now. The entire story is about 300 and something. I’m just over halfway done and I start to get worried that I’m going to take longer than I wanted.

I know this is something that I should NOT rush, but when I set myself an ambiguous deadline of “April 2013” I start to panic that I’m not reaching that deadline. I’ve tried to mentally change it to April 30, 2013 so that I can rest assured that I still have LOADS of time, but sometimes trying to trick your own brain is a bit difficult.

With my husband gone, my weekend guests leaving today, I do have lots of free time to continue editing. I think another reason I’m relatively nervous is the fact that I have reached the point in the story that I was somewhat unhappy with when I wrote it the first time. This means that this part is going to need a lot of attention to bring it up to my standards.

Which, of course, means I’ve been avoiding it for two weeks 😛 But this is good. I’ve taken a good break from this and when I return to editing this afternoon it should be with fresh eyes again.

Posted by Sarah Jayne

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