The hardest part

Is staying on track.

Now that the editing is done, my brain is like: “Ha! All done! Time to play now!” and is allowing itself to be distracted by manga and thinking about the other WIP I had before I decided to edit Black & Red.


WHICH IS NO GOOD! I need my brain to focus on the ever-so-tedious formatting demon that I must slay! The editing beast was painful enough, but going through the eeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnntttttttiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeee 103,457 worded document and making sure the spaces are in the right spot, putting in the page breaks where they should be and making sure the apostrophes are the right kind because if they curl in a funny way they won’t show up properly.

Last night, I think I only managed 20 pages before my brain crapped out and said: “Get your tableeeeeeeeet. Read your maaaaaangaaaa.”

And, I listened and read this manga until 10 pm which is bad news because my alarm goes off at 4:45 am when my husband is gone and he left yesterday.

As I was making my commute to my workplace (which is at least an hour, each way, sometimes more depending on traffic), I was extremely excited to be moving to Manitoba, even if I get stuck in a crappy duplex with paper-thin walls. Because if I start working again, it’s like a 20 minute commute each way.

This means I don’t have to get up before the sun! How epic is that?!


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The hardest part for me is when I’m completely finished with the first draft of my manuscript. My muse promptly goes on vacation without so much as a goodbye and my concentration seems to leave with him. 😉 I do like to let my first draft sit for at least two weeks before I pick it up again, but two weeks ultimately leads to six weeks because it takes those extra four weeks to re-focus. Good luck with your formatting. It sounds horrible.

Sarah Jayne Nantais

It’s just soooooooooooo tedious and the story is sooooooooooo long 😛

I completely feel your pain though. Those damn muses going on vacation without us!!! *shakes fist*

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