Voting Closes May 5th!

I added links on the sidebar of my page and I’m going to post (again! I know, I should just shut up) to see if people are willing to spend some time voting on my stories.

These are completely voter based and either my stories are actually pretty crappy, or no one is reading them.

I know we are all busy people, especially my writer friends. But if you could take the time to place your vote I would appreciate it. Please vote for either or both, whichever strikes your fancy.

You can do so here: and

I would really appreciate any feedback too. You have the option to write reviews when you vote so if my stories need work, please tell me! 😀 I can’t get better if I don’t know what isn’t working.

Thanks for your time! I’ll probably post this ALL OVER AGAIN in a few days.

Don’t hurt me 😛

Posted by Sarah Jayne

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