Waiting is the hardest part

So now I’m waiting to hear from Collections Canada about an ISBN so that I can be a part of the premium catalog and to publish with KDP.

I’m also waiting for my story to be reviewed by Smashwords to make sure everything is done right. Once that’s done, I’ll post the link. I’m also waiting on the art piece for my avatar/profile picture.

Good thing I am patient 😀

6 people have already downloaded samples of my story. That makes me happy. I hope someone will buy a copy and write a review. Even if it’s bad, I still want someone to review it. I can’t get better if I don’t know what’s wrong with my writing.

I’ll most likely start talking about my next WIP in the next few posts. I haven’t touched it yet because I’ve been giving my brain a rest. I also don’t have a title for it. Right now I call it “Escape” because in the first chapter/prologue thing that’s what the characters are doing: escaping.

I’ll work on it 😀

Posted by Sarah Jayne

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