What's in a Name?

People have asked me why I am deciding to publish under my full real name and not a pen name or something else.

Yes, my friends, in real life my name is Sarah Jayne Nantais. Nantais is my married last name and it’s pronounced “Nah-da”. Threw you for a loop with that one, didn’t I?

I thought about being S. Nantais or S.J.Nantais or Sarah Nantais or something else entirely but I just couldn’t do it.

Truth be told, I absolutely despise my middle name. “Jayne” has a lot of history and issues behind it. But it’s still my name and it’s the name I’ve had since I was born. So I decided that I would put my whole name out there to gain some sort of closure and acceptance with that name.

Is it working? Yeah kinda.

As for the names of the characters in my stories and the names of places, I used to have this really old dictionary I bought at a used book store that broke down the roots of words. I mean going back to the Latin, Greek etc of common English words we use everyday. I unfortunately no longer have that book in my possession for various reasons, but I had written down all the ones I had liked. I don’t remember the meanings for all of them any more, but I still use them.

For the characters, I do have a book of baby names that I had bought when I was 18. (Yeah, try not getting strange looks in the bookstore picking that up. It doesn’t help that when I was 18 I looked like I was 9). I try to find names that have interesting meanings and aren’t overly common (HA! As if you couldn’t tell from my last post) and sometimes I will use the internet if I’m looking for a name from a certain culture/country like Japanese, Greek, or Welsh etc. Sometimes I’ll borrow from a manga or anime if I feel the name fits. I just LOVE Japanese names!

After writing out all the names last post I realized a lot of them begin with “K” and I’m honestly not too sure what that’s about. They just worked I guess.

Half of the names I can’t pronounce properly because I’ve never heard them be spoken in real life so I have my own interpretation in my head. But that’s okay. I’m sure a lot of my readers will do the same thing. I remember doing that when I was younger and I would read a name I had never heard of before. It helps keep the personal interpretations of characters more unique, I think.

Tomorrow I have the day off from my day job! Yay! So I might not post because I’ll either be sleeping, chasing my 2.5 year old, or editing. I’ll try to put something up though. I just have to think about what I’d talk about šŸ™‚

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