When Something Feels Off

I just realized as I was typing that I am not wearing my rings.

Most people have a routine or a certain piece of clothing or jewellery that they wear on a regular basis. I have three rings I generally wear. I feel so weird and awkward without them. My hands feel lighter and typing seems to be going faster. In the winter when it’s cold and my fingers shrink my rings spin around so that’s not happening right now. There is nothing happening right now.

Do you have anything that you need to have or do to keep your day going well? I have some things for the main characters in TAK that they need to function. Aldric wears a pair of silver rimmed glasses. He doesn’t need them to see, but if he is not wearing them, he becomes very uncomfortable. He also wears a pair of metal gauntlets (type of metal TBD). Brexton has a katana that he carries with him. It’s always stuck to him, like glue. When he’s in a place that prohibits weapons it’s usually a tavern and he compensates by drinking a lot and being really loud. They’re the two main characters of TAK but there are others who are also neurotic and specific. Evaristus is obsessed with order. His office is neat and tidy with the pencils and pens lined up a certain way on his desk. On the surface he looks calm and collected with his clean and stiff clothing, his immaculate office and his tidy hair. In his personal room he goes a bit nuts and tends to trash the place on a regular basis. These are all the things I have in place to keep you guys entertained and maybe allow you to identify with my characters a bit. They are human, for the most part.

I can’t wait to get back into writing. It’s something that makes me happy and I look forward to it. Soon I hope to redo my office at home and make it more of a space that I can be comfortable in.

On a side note, found out yesterday that the video game I was supposed to get for Christmas that was supposed to come out on December 31st is not going to be released until December 31st 2016. So, I guess I had a small Christmas this year. My poor husband. I know he feels bad but it still sucks. I still want it though so we’re still pre-ordering it. It’ll be for next year I suppose.

In the meantime, I need to get organized for another day at my Day Job. Hope all of you are doing well and that the first week back at whatever job you may have isn’t driving you crazy/killing you slowly inside.


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