Where the hell have I been??

If anyone follows this blog you may be asking this question.

I do apologize for my sudden disappearance. It was not meant to last so long.

I had my son on November 6th, 2013. Now my house is full of boys and I’m left alone as the only female. Of course, this means my laundry load has increased slightly 😛

Aside from adjusting to being a mom of 2 and handling a fussy baby coupled with a demanding toddler I’ve been trying to catch up on sleep, mostly. I haven’t had nearly as much time for reading or writing as I thought I would.

I’m slowly working on it though and hoping to catch up. In the meantime I’ve been dealing with life realities such as putting my schooling on hold. This time I`m not going to just disregard school forever, I`m going to postpone it.

I will be starting a new job in January that works out nicely for my family. It will be in the evening during the week and on Saturdays. I am very excited about it because I am also being given creative freedom to develop an entire curriculum which makes me happy.

So I do apologize for not being as active as I should be. I will hopefully be able to get back to at least posting once a week.

I am considering offering my book for free as a apology gift 😉 Stay tuned!

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