As I’m editing away and reviewing and rewriting my story until it meets my satisfaction (speaking of which, there’s a fight scene to clean up and some character development to throw in), I start thinking about the people who might actually buy my book and read it when it’s finally published in April.

Honestly, I don’t want to be super famous or be a best-seller. I don’t want people throwing themselves at me and telling me how great my work is. You know why? Because I just want someone to ENJOY it.

I don’t want people freaking out over it and thinking it’s so great. I don’t even think it has the potential for a reaction like that. I don’t think it’s crap, or else I wouldn’t even try to publish it. Friends who have read it in it’s most raw form have told me that they like it which is why I want to put it out there.

But I just want someone to truly enjoy it. I want them to become emotionally involved with the characters (maybe, that’s asking a lot) and I just want them to feel satisfied when they finished reading. Hell, I want someone to be able to get to the END of the book.

It’s taken me so long to even try to put my stuff out there because every story is like an extension of me. A part of me goes into this work and there is a piece of me in every character. So for someone to be rude and badmouth it would feel like a personal attack.

Yes, not everyone who reads it is going to like it. Of course not. That would be insane. But when it comes time that people are actually writing reviews I just want them to be constructive. Don’t compare me to other people and don’t just say it was shitty but don’t say why.

Although I’m pretty sure someone out there will write a review like that.

I just want someone who I’ve never met before to just say that they enjoyed it. Is that so much to ask?

I hope not.

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The Mysteries of Winter Driving

So I live in Canada, eh, and we’re well known for our extensive wintry climate. The province I live in currently is almost always cold. We’ve had hail in June and snowstorms in May. And these aren’t freak occurrences either. They’re expected.

The week before last we had extremely nice weather. I mean, it was positive 6! That’s awesome. I didn’t even feel the need to wear a coat all the time.

Late last week we got hit with a big dumping of snow. It started Thursday night and while it stopped a bit yesterday, there are some flurries happening right now.

It always amazes me how people ‘forget’ how to drive in the winter. Most people in this province don’t even put their winter tires on until December and are skating around out there on summer tires.

The snow removal in the city I live in is atrocious. It’s like they also forget each winter that snow WILL fall and it WILL block roads and slow down traffic. It will make those hills difficult to climb and it will make people slide into each other.

This morning on my way to the dayhome to drop off my son I heard about 3 accidents before I even pulled out of my driveway. I leave my house at 6:30 in the morning at the latest. While I was driving on the highway and trying not to be overwhelmed by the blowing snow which was making it difficult to determine the lanes, I counted about 3 vehicles plowed into the snow on the side of the road. One was a pickup truck that had somehow managed to spin all the way around and slide ass-first into the ditch.

Honestly people. When there’s no snow for 7 days do you REALLY forget how to drive in it that fast?! It blows my mind how this happens every year, every individual snowfall (provided there’s been a gap of at least 5 days between them).

You’d think they’d know how to handle it by now….

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Snow Fall in the City

This morning as I made my way to my Day job, I immediately wanted to go back home.

It started snowing yesterday and it hasn’t stopped yet. On the highway this morning on my way to work the snow was blowing all over the lanes, hiding the lines so you don’t know what lane you’re in, and billowing up behind speeding vehicles like smoke that would engulf them and make their taillights disappear.

The snake-like twisting of the snow on the asphalt doesn’t bother me. The fact that apparently having a snow plow out earlier than 24 hours after it snows so that people can see where the hell their driving is NOT acceptable in this city bothers me.

The streets in the city are even worse. Snow is piled up everywhere. You can’t find the lane to save your life. Even if you drive slow and break early, chances are that you will still slide into someone’s backside (as I learned yesterday).

People are swerving and sliding everywhere. On the highway, some of the bigger vehicles are driving like it’s plus 15 and beautiful out. Transport trucks pulling up beside me in such wintry weather make me nervous, when normally I don’t mind them. I drive an SUV, so it’s not like I’m trying to get around in a little Neon and still, people are flying through the snow only to end up in the ditch a few kilometers ahead. I’ve actually witnessed this happening.

How I wished I could have turned around and headed back to my warm and cozy house. At least today is Friday.

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Are not in this post.

But, I probably got your attention. Maybe just to see WHY the hell I’m writing about naked ladies and men, maybe to see WHERE the naked people are.

I’m learning that catching and holding attention is very important when you are writing a book. I’ve known that for a long time, and usually (as I have been told) my work is very grabbing and attention holding.

My fear is that any synopsis I could write that would go on the back of a book cover, traditionally, might not be attention grabbing enough. When I write and I tell people about my story, I have a tendency to go over and above when I’m describing it and explaining it. I feel there is SO MUCH people need to know to fully understand the awesomeness of what I have written.

As I’m working on editing, I’m thinking about what sort of information I should put in my synopsis which will get people to want to download any sample chapters, let alone buy and read the whole thing.

This is my dilemma. I hope it’s resolved soon. Maybe once I work on the formatting/second edit I’ll figure some way to describe the plight of Kalan in her world of Black & Red.

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How are YOU coping with hour loss?

So the time change happened. I was really hoping it was just a rumour and it wouldn’t go through even though it has every single year before.

Also, with the budget cuts that have been happening in the city I didn’t think we could afford to lose an hour. Apparently I was wrong.

So on days like this when I’m over tired from losing a day and realize at the last minute that I won’t get a lunch break today, I wonder “when the heck am I going to edit?!”

Unfortunately, when you do most of your editing during your lunch break at your day job, days when you don’t get a lunch or only get half a lunch really throws you for a loop.


Still on track for APRIL BITCHES! 🙂

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Author Day

I need a day where I don’t work my day job, my side day job, parent, be a functional member of society or do ANYTHING resembling my current life.

I shall declare this “Author Day” and it is a day for authors all over the world to forgo the rest of their ‘normal’ daily lives and devote 24 hours to their craft.

We can write, edit, sleep, muse, and think all to our hearts content and no one can sneer at us for doing it!

Someone please tell me this day exists already lol

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Losing a precious hour of editing!

It’s daylight savings this weekend 🙁 That makes me sad because that means I lose a precious hour of editing time!

I’m already losing time because I have to supervise those writing the GED  exam at my work tomorrow night and Saturday morning.

Curses Day Job and SIDE DAY JOB!!!

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And the winner is…!!!!


The reason I decided to go with Smashwords over Kindle Direct Publishing is because of how easy they make it.

Sure, I have to set up a PayPal account and yeah the tax thing seems complicated and frustrating, but I would have had to do the tax thing with KDP anyway.

Plus, with Smashwords I can reach more users as they make the ebooks available on multiple platforms.

Now I just need to finish editing so that I can begin formatting so that I meet my goal of April.

I never did say WHEN in April, just April 😉


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I really don’t have anything to say today but I find no one visits my website unless I post something.

So in the event of trying to keep myself from feeling lonely I am posting a ridiculous post with the title “Pineapples”.

I hate pineapples. I like apples, I like the scent of pine (growing up in a forest does that to you. And no, I’m not kidding. Log cabin and everything people! It was sooooo cool) but I do not like pineapples.

Perhaps I will channel this ridiculous amount of energy this morning and edi-nope. Can’t do it. 15 minutes until works starts. Ugh.

Stupid day job.

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