2016….You're Better, Right?

Yesterday I spent some time rearranging my desk top figures. I’ve posted pictures of them before. Perhaps I shall post a picture again later. Work has been starting out relatively smooth. Nothing earth-shattering or terrible has happened.

I learned a workshop I was going to hold through work is most likely cancelled. That makes me a bit sad, but it’s okay. I haven’t truly started doing any work on it, so if it is indeed cancelled there is no time out of my life that has been spent on it.

Still haven’t written much. I’ve been watching “Making a Murderer” on Netflix (Only on episode 3. Keep your spoilers to yourself! :P) and I’ve been rewatching “Kara no Kyoukai” (The Garden of Sinners) in the anime world. Both of these shows are hour long episodes/movies. “Making a Murderer” has 10 and “Kara no Kyoukai” has 7 and I recently learned there is an 8th, which is why I’m rewatching them.

2016 has been going well. We have childcare this year when last year we were scrambling. I’m in a job I like and have been for the past four months. Just waiting on that godforsaken payout from my husband’s previous job. I miss my vehicle. I miss being able to leave my worksite at lunch (not that I ever did, but you don’t miss the option until it’s gone). My eldest son has a medical appointment this month and it’s going to be interesting trying to manage that. I can’t take him, I have no vehicle. If my husband is to take him, he has to leave the youngest in care which may end up costing us more.

We’re getting very antsy and stressed lately. My husband mentioned that he would love to just take a vacation with the kids, away from the ‘real world’ but we can’t even do that.

While the pressure mounts and is about to crush us, I am hoping that 2016 remains better than 2015. That was not the beginning of a nice year and I don’t want things to follow that pattern.

I feel as though I’m rambling and can’t gather my thoughts today so I’ll stop there. Maybe something else will come of it all later.

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