3 Work Days Left!

I only have three days of work left at my Day Job before I’m off for the holidays! I’m super pumped for that.

Had a bit of a crazy weekend. Learned my youngest has no issues with stripping himself naked and peeing everywhere. My eldest got sick at 1am today all the way from his room to ours. Spent an hour cleaning it with our Bissell. He’s home with Dad today and I got the car! I feel like a grown-up again, being able to have my vehicle.

Yesterday we decided we would all go outside and enjoy the snow. It was a nice day and the snow was falling all light and fluffy like. Things were going well until I kicked the dogs toy……I can’t aim. My youngest son’s window paid the price. There were grumbles all around.

Eldest Son: Oh Mum. Look what you did.

Me: It was an accident. I’m sorry.

Eldest Son: No Mum. No snacks for you, not even chips!

Me: *cries*

Being scolded by a 5 year old is really humbling, while also being annoying. I did eat the chips anyway, just after he went to bed. You can tell which methods we’ve been using in that exchange, can’t you?

The kids seemed to have a good time. I got to go to kickboxing for the last time this year. I won’t be able to make it to my usual Sunday class because my husband is working. I might be able to make it during the week after Christmas, but we’ll see. My husband is going to a hockey game on the 29th and I’m not sure if the place is open on other days. I might just be done until the week of the 4th.

I hope our eldest is feeling better. It’s Christmas time and the poor kid has had it rough lately in terms of sickness. Also, my husband wants to go see Star Wars: The Force Awakens with his family tomorrow. Tickets have already been purchased. I will not be able to take time off so I hope the little dude feels better soon.

I also bunged up my wrist at kickboxing on Thursday. It’s a bit tender and I didn’t have a tensor bandage at home like I thought I did. I’ll just have to type less, because that’s when it hurts the most. So  yes, I’m in a bit of agony right now. You don’t know it, but I’ve been taking breaks as I type to give my wrist a rest hahaha.

I hope everyone is ready for the holidays! Like most people, I will probably stop posting for a while during the Christmas break. You might not hear much from me after the 23rd. As I’ve said before, the 24th is when things get started in our family. Board games and food! It will be grand. My father said he might call during the holidays. We’ll see, but I’m not holding my breath.

Which reminds me, I need to get those pictures to my father-in-law so he can hopefully print them for me. I should do that tonight!

I think I will also play The Nightmare Before Christmas tonight for the kids. It’s totally the best holiday movie ever.



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