Almost Time to Move

So the countdown is on to leave Alberta and move to Manitoba.

My husband and I are going appliance shopping these next few weekends because the housing we’re being supplied with doesn’t have appliances. Which is fine, because IF we were to EVER buy a house of our own, we would have appliances to put in it.

I’m also mapping out the potential path for furthering my education. Man, I have a lot of schooling to do. But that’s okay! I like school. I’ve got several back-up employment plans in case school doesn’t work out.

I’ll apply to be a secretary with the school board (or do they call them Administrative Assistants now?), I’ll see if I can find a job teaching English as a Second Language since I’m qualified for that, I’ll try to find a job as a post-secondary school advisor since I’m doing that right now and really like it, OR:

I’ll work retail or something while I work on my stories.

I’m not particularly keen on working retail, even if it does give me time to work on my stories. I can still work on my stories no matter what job I have, I’ve proved that with Black & Red.

BUT, at least I have plans. Baby #2 is due in November and if I can manage to go back to school next Spring/Summer term, Child # 1 will be 4 and be able to go into Junior Kindergarten or Day Camp or something and Baby # 2 will be 6 months old. That might be a challenge to find childcare for a baby that young, but if it’s one class I should be okay. And if going back then doesn’t work, I can wait until September and hopefully go full time and then Child # 1 will definitely be in Junior Kindergarten and Baby # 2 will be about 10 months old.

See?! Look at all my plans! Look at how organized I am!

Too bad this doesn’t usually happen 😛

Posted by Sarah Jayne

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