And then…!

It’s been a rough little bit lately! I’m recovering from having a wicked bout of the flu. Like, seriously. My joints were hurting so bad. I’m only 32, but it was either going to rain something fierce or I had become 100 years old when I wasn’t looking.

Life has been a bit touchy lately too. Last week I had had enough waiting for this money we were supposed to be getting from my husband’s last job. For a process that was supposed to take 10 weeks we had been waiting for 6 months. We had called the departments we were given (well, he did. I couldn’t because it’s not my name on the file) and instead of people actually telling us where the hell the file was, we were being told to ‘be patient’. I like to think we had been patient enough.

So I took matters into my own hands.

Now, I’m well known for having a big mouth but I generally don’t do much with it except let off steam. Last Thursday I contacted my MP (Member of Parliament) here in Manitoba. Every section of the province has a sort of representative to bring up concerns and issues to Parliament and get things going. My MP has a website with a web form so I went on there on Thursday around lunch time and wrote out this long two page letter about our circumstances. Why did I go to my MP? My husband is former military and if we wanted this done, we had to go to the top. So I wrote out a letter detailing my husband’s service and what he’s done for our country, how this waiting is affecting our quality of life and how we have been more than patient. I didn’t blame any one and didn’t speak poorly about the workers dealing with his file. I know it’s not entirely their fault that this issue is happening. The system is old and broken and will probably never be fixed.

So I write my letter and go about eating my lunch. I could barely talk last Thursday so when my phone rang I let it go to voicemail. Imagine my surprise when I listen to the voicemail only to hear the voice of my MP telling me he got my letter and was taking it to the Minister of Defence during Question Period! There had been about an hour between my letter and his phone call. Of course, he’s saying that he won’t hesitate to hold this ‘Liberal Government to account’ (He’s a Conservative) but as much as that bothered me I just let it go. The next day I had an e-mail from the Director of the Pension program. Monday we got a phone call saying our cheques were on the way to the bank.

Breathe a collective sigh of relief here.

I was very impressed that it was all dealt with in such a quick time frame. I honestly hadn’t even expected my MP to read my letter until Friday or Monday. They have staff members who deal with this stuff and I didn’t really think it was that important of an issue. Imagine my surprise when he tells me he’s going to the Minister of Defence directly! I was in awe. It was nuts.

So now our finish line is in sight. Now we know how to get there. We were told 10-15 business days before we would see the money (mailing etc) but that is a much better time frame than ‘beginning of February sometime’ which is what we got before. Now I don’t need to borrow money from family. Now I don’t need to stress too much about the ever climbing credit card balance. I know these things will be paid off shortly. That’s all I need right now.

Instead, on Saturday my furnace quit and we won’t get the part until today. We’ve been using space heaters so my electric bill is going to be madness. Plus I need to pay for the labour for the replacement and the work they tried yesterday when they were attempting to get it fixed.

And to seal the deal, last night our baby monitor broke hahahaha. My husband bought a new one after work.

Almost there!



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