Baby, it's Cold Outside

It’s almost Christmas!!!

Christmas is a great time of year. Even though I live in the coldest province I’ve ever lived in, I enjoy the arrival of snow. It just makes sense to have a white Christmas! While I could do without the -40 temperature, having my family over is a great time.
My sister-in-law is going to be home for Christmas this year. I’m trying to teach my eldest the Vulcan salute for her. I think both her and Dad would like it.
Christmas means heart attack carrots and Mum’s mashed potatoes. I don’t even know what she does but I’ll eat them forever. Krispie cake too! If I were to suddenly start getting cavities at least I’d know why hahahaha.
In my husband’s family we have the big dinner on Christmas Eve. Christmas day is for presents and leftovers. Dad wears a Santa hat and hands out presents.
When my husband gets home today he’s going to string up the lights outside my in-laws lent us. Next weekend will be the tree. I at least like it to be December before the tree goes up.
I’m looking forward to positive family time and no work for a week and a half!
I know my American followers just had Thanksgiving but I’m excited for Christmas! And not just because I can threaten my kids with Santa Claus like all good parents 😉

Posted by Sarah Jayne

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