Back to the Grind

I made my return to my Day Job today after four days of long weekend. I have cleaned up my inbox and have commenced my personal countdown that I only have 8 days left of working here.

It’s a good thing and a sad thing all at the same time. I’m happy I get to have an extended break from working full time as I’ve never really ‘not worked’ since I was 14 years old. I’m happy to be able to focus on my family and potentially my education. I’m also happy to have more time to devote to reading as I’ve got quite a few books lined up that I promised to read and review.

But I’m sad to be leaving a job I really enjoy, even if I don’t like the politics of the workplace. I get to meet different people every day and help them identify their educational and career goals and map out the steps to take to reach that. Recently my work has been involved heavily with the ESL community and most times that’s even more rewarding when you hear about what people have gone through to even GET to Canada and then what they have to go through just to work here it’s astounding.

But at any rate, I’ve got to pretend I’m working now, so I should probably stop writing here for today 😛

Posted by Sarah Jayne

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