Bad Morning = Bad Mood

Had a bad morning. My dog refuses to cooperate and almost ripped my arm off.

I’m not kidding. She’s a mini Australian Shepherd, so she’s small, but trust me when I tell you she can be vicious. Aside from snarling, growling, and attempting to bite me, she refused to get in  her crate and apparently the landlords are coming for their “annual inspection” of the property.

The “annual inspection” piece is bullshit. We’ve lived there for 3 years and they’ve never done this before. So, I hope my dog pees on them. She’s normally a very docile, overly fearful dog and she loves people so I know she won’t bite anyone. But she gets soooooo excited when she sees people she sometimes pees. I hope she pees on the people coming to the house. It didn’t say on the notice to lock her up, so they can go to hell if they have a problem.

I am really pissed off about the whole situation and it’s ruined my day.


Pissing me off is just a no-no in general. Right now it’s a BIG no-no because I’m losing my grip on my patience. Especially with a stupid dog. My kid is a different story. I am quite used to his antics so I don’t get as angry. Plus it’s his birthday on Friday so I’m giving him some leeway here.

That’s it for the rant! I’ll listen to this song until my ears bleed and it will make me happy because it’s hilarious:

Posted by Sarah Jayne

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