Behold! My Geekery!

So, I’m a bit of a geek. A nerd, even. If you’ve been reading at all,  you know I have a thing about Japan. I love manga, I love anime. I love those figures you can get. They’re all over my work desk. I have some at home.

Since the money came in, I was able to order some manga and catch up on series I had been falling behind on as well as start new series I’ve had my eye on.


Behold! My Geekery! Gaze upon it in amazement and wonder! There are ten volumes of lovely manga right there. You can tell which series I was behind on and which I’m starting just by looking at the volume number. These arrived yesterday, and I have already consumed half of them.

Another awesome thing I did yesterday was apply to Memorial University in Newfoundland. Why is this awesome?


I posted that line in a Facebook group I belong to and one of the women made that for me. I think it’s awesome! She wanted to share it on her instagram feed which made me feel fancy. I mean, why not? My name is on it!

By applying to University I can get started on the pre-requisites I will need to gain acceptance into the Masters of Education Counselling Psychology program. Once I graduate from that program, I can work as a personal counsellor either with an organization or I can even start my own practice! I am very interested in becoming a counsellor/life coach kind of thing so this is a step closer. A step closer to my dreams! I applied for part time studies so that I can take courses slowly, as money allows. Just because we got our money yesterday doesn’t mean we can blow it all.

But I’m closer, guys. So much closer to my Day Job goals.

What are your goals? What are you working towards? Shout it out in the comments! 🙂

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