Being An Adult

Part of being an adult is making adult decisions.

This large move and the impending arrival of our second monster has forced me to review and re-evaluate my educational plans.

We spent far more of our savings than I had anticipated during the move and we’re only getting a fraction back. Plus, we have additional expenses I had sort of counted but apparently not enough.

In order to be a proper adult and provide appropriately for my family while enjoying life I will not be going back to school. I know education is an ongoing thing and that I could theorhetically take one course at a time but that will only get me so far. For the B.Ed I NEED to be a full time student for 2 years and that’s not something we can afford.

With childcare costs, getting new furniture for both kids, having a monetary safety net plus potentially saving for a house, new vehicle, or even the pop-up trailer we’ve been wanting it’s just not realistic. We also have debt that needs to paid off like student loans which Gail Vaz-Oxlade would be happy to know we’ll put first.

I’m very sad, if I’m 100% honest, but it’s not like I can’t work with the educational background I have. It will then become a matter of the availability of childcare and the job opportunities available when it’s time for me to go back to work.

I’m glad I faced this decision sooner, rather than later, because it’ll give me time to ‘grieve’ and look towards the positive things that will arise from this choice.

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And the positives are always there. Sometimes it just takes a while to see them. -RB

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