Bringing a Little Zen Home

The office is coming along great! I’ve ordered some art for the room that should be coming soon. One set of pieces is coming from Canada and another is coming from Germany. I’ve never ordered off Etsy before, but you can see the pieces I ordered here:

The Spirit of Zen : The artist uploaded a custom 16×20 print of this piece for me.

Studio Ghibli Art Poster Set: Because everyone needs some Totoro and Princess Mononoke in their lives. I got the 5x7s and some black frames from the dollar store so I can hang these vertically on a slender portion of wall by the sofabed.

I hemmed some curtains and finished putting the sofabed together on Sunday.


The haul before we got back to the house

We spent quite a bit of money but this is a very special room for me. It’s going to be my sanctuary. My place of zen. My husband and the kids can also use it as a chill out space as well if they want.


If you hover over the pictures I’ve given a bit of a description of what it all is.

I’m feeling really good about the space right now. The black table you see in the last picture has already been sold. The side tables and the hurricane lamp are from HomeSense. There are two geodes I bought too that are going to be used for book ends when our bookshelves come in the next few weeks.

The fact that this room is almost done is amazing. It makes me feel really good and is going to allow me to focus on other areas of my home.

Last night I went out with a good friend for a coffee and a walk. We walked down by the river in our town and I was able to snap some great pictures. I just love looking at the sky and I was super tempted to just go sit by the riverside and listen. I could hear birds, geese, frogs and just the rush of water. It’s so peaceful. It was a great experience and one I miss having. 20 years ago I lived in a log cabin in the woods in rural Ontario. These were sounds I used to hear all the time. Sometimes I miss that.

During our walk though, the brush caught on fire so emergency services had to come take care of it.


Aside from the fire, this is a beautiful shot.

I hope your Tuesdays are going well! On Thursday I’m going to be away from home for work so I might slack on posting. Please forgive me!

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