Busy, Busy!

I was pretty busy this weekend, but not in the way I expected. It was a nice busy, for the most part.

Saturday I got up at 6:45….AM. My husband had to work at 8:45am and I was babysitting for a friend that afternoon so groceries needed to be purchased! It was definitely really weird shopping that early in the morning. There were so many spots in the parking lot. Usually by 9 when I go the lot is pretty full. It was a long day for me, but I had a good time. Got to eat out (woo hoo McDonalds!) and wasn’t just lazing about at home. It was also laundry day. Yay clean clothes! Sunday was nicer. My eldest didn’t come to get me out of bed until 9 and I managed to convince him to hang out in bed with me for about 20 minutes before it was obvious he needed breakfast. The younger one was pretty chill too. I like days like that. Not too much running around (aside from chasing the kids) and I was able to relax quite a bit. I almost didn’t get any chips this weekend, which is detrimental to my sanity. My husband picked some up on his way home from work on Saturday which was very nice of him. They were too expensive at the grocery store I frequent on Saturday so I did not buy them then.

I have not touched my book in like, forever. I’m reading a book that my husband says I must. Perhaps you know it, Dune by Frank Herbert. I’m about halfway through. It’s not bad, actually. I haven’t read science fiction in quite some time.

I’m a bit out of it today though, I think. Recovering from a harried weekend and easing back into the flow of a standard work week. Things should be good in the end, but I am tired at the moment.

Once of these days I’ll manage something coherent. Until then, stay frosty my friends. It’s freakin’ cold here today in Canada.


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