Life is a funny thing.

It’s funny in the way it tries to get the best of us. It’s funny in  how it tries to bring us down. How it gives us opportunities just as quickly as it takes them away. We are confronted with hardship and assailed with fortune all at the same time.

People come in and out of our lives for many reasons. The stranger on the bus. The young man in the check-out line. The family member we’ve known since birth.

Many of our meetings and separations are done by our own design. We choose to have those friends in our lives. We choose to strike up a conversation with the stranger on the metro. We choose to cut out those family members who only do us harm.

We don’t choose to lose someone tragically.

In the last fifteen years I’ve been very careful as to how much time and effort I put into a person. I am naturally a caring, somewhat overbearingly so, person. I care about my coworkers. I care about that stranger on the street who looks like they are having a hard time. I care about that family member who has made my life a living hell.

Because I have been burned so many times by friends and family alike, I’ve become jaded. I have spent countless years putting time and effort and energy into a relationship that amounted to nothing but heartache.

When I hear that someone is not doing well or they are dealing with something in their personal life that hasn’t been disclosed to me, I find myself in an interesting position.

Of course, I want to know. It’s the natural curiosity.Also, I want to know if I need to be concerned.


I need to figure out how to draw this picture!

That sounds a bit cold, doesn’t it?

But there are lots of things people go through. If it’s health related, I will probably be concerned no matter how trivial or serious it is. If it is personal, then I can generally keep my trap shut.

I do have a problem with chatting though. I talk too much and over-share. It’s fine here, because that’s what this medium is for. It’s not fine in the office. I’m sure my coworkers know more about my than they care to.

It’s one of the things I need to work on.

I can do it!

What’s your biggest weakness?


Posted by Sarah Jayne

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Sounds like you and I have many similarities when it comes to our relationships with other people, Sarah. I’m forever trying to reign myself in because people generally find my level of caring too intense. This is not to pat myself on the back of course. I’m no saint after all. But it is definitely a weakness or a strength… depending which side of the fence one is viewing me from. 😛

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