Comfort Food

Sorry for the absence people. I’ve been on vacation and have had the Fam-Damily visiting for the past little bit which has occupied my time.

Today’s post is going to be more of a personal rant with little to do with my book. If you aren’t interested, stop now 🙂

Things have gotten hectic and quiet all at the same time. Yesterday morning at 5:30 am my husband left for training in the field (he’s in the military) which means he won’t be back for 26 days. If I say it like that, it doesn’t seem so long. So right now it’s just me, the dog and the boychild attempting to exist without killing each other. My son may only be three, but damn. Defiance is his middle name right now. Pushing mum’s buttons is the most enjoyable thing to do. Which is stressing me out because while I’m trying to run a household alone with such a small child and a pet, I also work full time. I’m out of my house for about 12 hours a day. The alarm goes off at 4:40 am, I’m out the door no later than 6:20 am and I usually don’t get home until 6 pm which is just enough time to let out the dog, feed the boy and put him to bed. If it’s bath night, there is NO quality time.

However, once he’s in bed I have all the time to edit, format and get ready to publish for this month! It may end up being the end of April 2013, but I will still be meeting my April 2013 goal! My husband helped me design the book cover before he left so I’ve got that all done.

Last night I ate my ultimate in comfort food to help me cope with my husband being gone and my three-year-old being defiant: Baked Beans on Toast. Yeeeeeeah.

Since I’m at my Day Job I should probably get back to work. Editing time at lunch!

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