Creating 'My' Space

As many of you know, I have a room in my house that has been designated as the office/spare room. I haven’t been able to get into this room and do some writing in what feels like a year. There are a lot of reasons for this: the room has become a catch-all of junk, the desk is not really electronic-friendly, the bed is enormous, the filing cabinet is cluttered and not organized and finally; my laptop is so close to biting the dust I’m apprehensive about doing anything on it.

I had been writing TAK on my tablet, but for some reason the file is no longer accessible from the SD card. I am able to access other files, but TAK itself is inaccessible. This worries me. I am 98% certain that I backed up the last things I had written to the laptop, but you can see my dilemma right? If I haven’t, there is a lot of writing to do. If I have a lot of writing to do I want to do it at once or at least in sequence. To do that I need a place to do it because really, my kids are not going to let me write anything sitting on the couch.

There are plans to revamp the office. First, it needs a coat of paint. Second, the artwork that is in there needs to be changed. I have a giant picture of Picadilly Circus from an aerial view with the double-decker buses being the only things of colour. Nice and bright red. It is a picture from Ikea that I’ve had for almost  8 years now. I think it’s okay to retire it. I would very much like to retire it. I had been painting myself and maybe those pieces would find place in our office. I also want to reconfigure the layout.

I’ve been on the hunt for a desk I like and a pull-out loveseat-bed or sofa-bed that will suit the room. Environment is very important when writing for me. I need to be comfortable in my space or nothing happens. I’d also like a damn chair mat for under the desk! One day, I will get all these things.

For now, I jot down ideas as they come to me in a book I have and I write the shorts you’ve been reading on  here. Just something to keep me immersed in that world. I can’t forget Brexton, Aldric or Edessa. I need to be ready to deal with Vaughn, Evaristus and Airi. I might write up a character profile and start sharing those with you guys. Is that interesting at all? Let me know!

Until then, happy day!


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