'Cuz it's a Green Christmas in this Town

I don’t know about you, but Christmas is supposed to have snow. I guess depending on where you live in the world, and if you celebrate Christmas at all for that matter, a green Christmas might be completely normal.

I live in Canada. The Great White North. It’s usually cold up here (especially in winter, duh lol) and we typically have white Christmases where I’ve lived. Some of the provinces have milder temperatures than others and therefore a green/brown Christmas is normal. I live in freaking Manitoba. It’s the coldest place I’ve ever lived and I live pretty south in the province. I can’t imagine what it’s like for the communities in the northern part of the province.

Outside, we have remnants of snow. There is no blanket of white. There is no dusting. For a province that is usually sitting somewhere in the negatives for temperature it is a high of 6° C here today. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be a high of 8° C! That’s madness.

I enjoy the warmer weather because it makes it easier to play outside with the kids. I’m about to sound really old, so hold on for a second, okay?

BACK IN MY DAY parents could lock their kids out of  the house and let them play in the yard or whatever without constant supervision. Sure, they would look out the window now and then to make sure we were alive, that we hadn’t run away or that we hadn’t killed each other (when siblings were involved) but that doesn’t happen these days. If you tried that now and the kid wasn’t like, 12, you’d probably get arrested.

One thing I want for my children is that I don’t want them to be responsible for each other. My eldest is about 3 years older than his brother. I don’t want to expect him to constantly look after his younger brother or be expected to watch him. They’re too close in age, I feel, for that to work really well and realistically, my eldest is not my babysitter. I have nothing against people who have their elder children help with looking after the younger children as long as it’s not automatically expected of them. It’s different when the older children have a choice or are all right with it. Speaking from experience, it sucks when it’s just expected or demanded of you to look after your younger siblings, even if you get along. I don’t want to do that to my kids.

I hope my children have a good relationship with each other. They’re close in age and their both boys so that could either spell disaster or it could be great. As long as they don’t end up  hating each other I think I’ll be happy. My eldest is pretty keen on trying to keep his brother happy, when it suits him. My youngest was a bit upset this morning and his brother tried to hug him. He tries to console his younger brother if he’s upset. It’s cute. Although sometimes my youngest doesn’t want anyone to console him and starts pushing people out of his bubble; parents included. At that time it’s just important to tell my eldest that it’s not his fault and his brother just needs some space.

My eldest is so excited for Christmas. He keeps trying to touch the tree, tells me we need to put presents under the tree and constantly asks for hot chocolate now. It’s pretty funny seeing as in previous years he could care less. Maybe it’s because he goes to school now or because he’s older. Not sure.

We all had a grumpy morning so I hope that a good day can cure that. I enjoy my job, my husband is pretty happy (for the most part) at school, the youngest enjoys his day home and the eldest is usually happy to go to daycare/school. Let’s hope this pattern holds!

ONLY 13 MORE DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS! (12 more days in my family until the Big Dinner, which is super important!)


Posted by Sarah Jayne

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