First mobile post

This is my first post from my smart phone, so please forgive any spelling mistakes. The Boy won’t detach himself from my hip today so working on my laptop or tablet will be a bit difficult.

Today is the first day my husband has gone in to work since we moved! This means I have two weeks of bad morning habits in my son to break. So far, we’re doing alright! He’s in a good mood today (which is a bloody miracle in comparison to how he’s been the past little bit) and we’re chilling on the couch.

The Hatchling is co-operating a bit today too. It was wiggling around so much last night it was hard for me to sleep so I’m glad it’s sleeping itself right now.

This weekend will be the first haircut for the Boy in MONTHS and since this is a new town, I’m taking him to a place I found through a discussion board specific to the city I live closest to. I went to their website last night and watched their video. It seems to be run by burly tattooed men which I think is AWESOME since I’m a tiny tattooed woman 🙂 maybe I can ask them where they got their ink done and have some places lined up for my Mother’s Day tattoo.

My tablet died and apparently we lost the charger. This means the books I’m supposed to be reading and reviewing are being put on hold AGAIN and I feel terrible. I’ll get back on it as soon as I can!

Well, that’s it for today! I hope that this posts correctly 😀

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