Frosty Wonderland

It’s not too cold out there this year, which is nice. The last few years in this province have been…learning experiences for me. It is undoubtedly the coldest place I have ever lived. The grass is showing in some parts and the trees are relatively naked today, but this is what it looked like yesterday:


The trees have their blanket of frost on their branches which is actually quite lovely to behold. It’s one of my favourite things to look at in the winter. I like when there’s frost decorations on the window pane and when the branches of trees and bushes are decorated like so.

Speaking of decorations, I put my stockings up last night! I was pretty excited. When I got home I wasn’t sure if I was going to do it because I’m lazy, but after we put our eldest to bed I just decided I would put those stockings up.

In the world of TAK there is a world/continent that is split into 4 pieces. I haven’t decided how big it will be  yet. This area is like a bowl or dish with rocks and mountains that surround the perimeter. There is a massive lake in the middle of the area that connects all four sections. There are two countries in the north and two in the south. The one northern country reminds me very much of the northern countries in our world. It’s cold, it’s snowy, the summer/spring months are short and fleeting. The people are hardy and strong. Their skin is pale. In another northern country it is slightly similar, but it doesn’t get quite as cold. Maybe like Europe? One of the southern countries is warm, if not tropical. Perhaps like South and Central America with bits of Africa. The skin on their people is a deep caramel or olive colour. The summer is long and languid and the winter is almost non-existent. The final country is a mystery. I don’t want to spoil anything for potential readers hahaha.

When I write, I had to make a crude map so that I could remember where everything is. Where in the country is the castle, where is the city that I’m having a lot of things take place in relation to the rest of the country. What is the terrain like. Things like that. I am not a cartographer so it’s a very crude map. I probably won’t include it in the book. But I might! I’d have to increase my budget to hire someone who can actually make a nice one if I were to do that though 😛


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