Frustrated Beyond Belief

If you’ve been listening to me complain for the last little bit, you know I’ve been waiting for some money to come in. My husband was supposed to get a deposit of a healthy sum as a pay-out from contributions to his pension from his last job.

We had been waiting for 6 months to find out when the funds were going to be released. All documentation told us it would take 10 weeks from the day he left the job to see the payment in his account. He filled out paper work that was supposed to allow them to direct deposit the funds into our account.

Long story short, we waiting, we contacted the numbers we were given, we tried to get a hold of someone who could just give us a general time frame because we had spent months just waiting to find out when they might possibly deposit the funds.

Finally, I could take no more. I went to my Member of Parliament. My MP here in Manitoba. This is the person who has a direct line to the Federal Government. Since I was dealing with a Federal issue, this was the person to talk to if I wanted shit done.

Within hours of contacting him via his online form on his website I had the Director of Pensions and Social Programs contacting me telling me she would look into the issue. That following Monday my husband was informed the cheques were in the mail.

The cheque for the mandatory RRSP deposit was received last week. It’s been deposited into the account and we cannot touch it. The cheque for the funds that are supposed to be deposited into our personal account have not been received. We have no idea what’s going on. We don’t know where the cheque is. We don’t know anything. Today my husband is going to call the number on the letter we received that confirmed the funds were sent out. We need to know what address it went to (it was going directly to the bank, not to our house), we need to know who it was addressed to and what the cheque number is. Then we can call the bank and hopefully get some more information on what the hell is going on.

I am so frustrated it hurts. I am down to my last $300 in my savings account. We have exhausted our line of credit. We are thisclose to being reduced to asking for help from family.

I hate borrowing money. My in-laws are amazing people and I know they wouldn’t be petty or anything about it, but there’s this piece of me that just can’t handle the fact that I am in debt to someone other than myself.

I’m angry. I’m frustrated. I’m stressed out. This is not helping my creativity at all.  Unless I start writing about destruction and the like.

Yeah. I could get behind that.

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Posted by Sarah Jayne

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