I need more hours in the day. I am certain I am not the only one with this issue.

I want to work less, sleep more, get paid more, and spend more time with my children. Unfortunately, I have to work lots, sleep less, get paid decently and spend time with my children whenever I can grab it.

Of course, a lot of my problem is my own fault. I work two jobs. Monday to Friday I am in an office, Monday/Wednesday nights I teach and Saturday mornings I teach as well. Currently my husband works full time Monday to Friday as well.

We are seeing less and less of each other. I am hoping to fix that this coming long weekend though.

Part of the reason I have to work myself to death is because we bought a house last year, and those beasts are expensive. Also, my husband is planning a major career change and needs to return to college for at least two years so I have to make sure I can support our family without putting extra stress on him so he can study well.

Should we have waited? Probably. Would it have helped? Maybe.

But commitments have been made, money has been paid. So here we are.

If I was religious, I might ask God to help me out. But I’m not. Well, I’m not Christian so praying to God or Jesus doesn’t help me out at all.

If only I could make it to a shrine for Hotei-Sama then maybe I would have some luck 🙂

Posted by Sarah Jayne

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