Glutton for Punishment

So I’m not going to harass you about the contest I entered *(but you can vote here if you want: & :P)*

I took a break from book stuff and did something for me yesterday.

I attended my first kickboxing class in ten years.

I learned some things about myself during my one hour class:

  1. I got old. When I say ten years, I mean actually ten years. I was 22 the last time I participated in kickboxing.
  2. My stamina has fallen miserably low.
  3. I still look good kicking the crap out of stuff.

I’m going to make this a twice a week venture so that I am not as horribly sore (like I am right now) after doing the class.

With my husband going back to school in September and wanting to work, I’ll also need to review what nights I do it on. Right now Sunday and Thursday are my days of choice. I hope to keep teaching on Monday and Wednesday. That leaves Tuesday and Thursday to kick stuff. If my husband gets a job where he works on Thursday nights we’ll either need to hire a babysitter (ugh. Spending money NO) or I’ll have to switch up my class. It’s actually really affordable too. The start up cost is about $50 when you consider wraps, gloves and the payment for the first class. Afterwards, it’s about $38 a month for twice a week. So I’m pretty stoked for that. I’ll have to cut out Starbucks and only get some when I get gift cards and such. I haven’t had a Starbucks in a month or two anyway so I’m well on my way.

If I decide not to volunteer (and it’s looking that way) I can focus the rest of my free time on TAK and get that sucker up and running.

Until then, I’m going to try not to wince every time I need to move the mouse…….

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