Happy Monday everyone!

Does anyone dislike Mondays as much as I do? I wouldn’t say I hate them because there are some Mondays that I actually enjoy. Like the first Monday in a vacation. Or a Monday where a movie or game comes out. Mostly though, I hate Mondays.

My kids have been little energy suckers this weekend. My eldest was pretty funny though. He said some funny things. His gems include: “Grampy is 20 30 THOUSAND years old and he is so big he became a giant and if he is not careful he will crush us.” Another really good one is: “You guys! I TOLD you! Everything is not real!” (Pretty deep for a 5 year old). My personal favourite is: “You’re so great. I’m so proud of you! You’re a genius!” which is what I was told while receiving a great big hug because I told him he could have a cookie.

He really seemed to be on a roll this weekend, that’s for sure. He says most of these things with the most serious face I’ve ever seen on a kid.

While his younger brother isn’t spouting profound statements, he’s causing trouble in his own way. For some reason, this kid likes to strip his pants and his diaper off when he’s in bed. The shirt usually stays on, but he’ll be nekkid from the waist down. And since he doesn’t have mastery over his bladder at 2 years old, this causes him to wake up screaming once he realizes he’s peed his bed. We had things under control for a bit by sticking him in this old onesie we had that is footless. The thing is way too small but his legs and arms could stick out so things were fine. It was done up with a zipper and he hadn’t touched it for a few weeks. Well, of course, the other day he unzipped it, and while it was still on him, ripped off the diaper and tossed it over the side of the crib.

I am grateful that the diapers are empty when he tosses them and that he’s just peeing everywhere instead of something else. But come on! Keep your damn clothes on, kid! WE put his diaper on backwards on Friday and things seemed to be okay. My husband went off to work and *BAM* at 9:00pm the little sucker started screaming because he was wet and naked. The poor little guy. I went into his room and stripped him down. I brought him upstairs to give him a warm sponge bath since I didn’t want to wake him up too much by running the tub. Got him back into some clothes and thought I would rock with him in his chair until he fell asleep before I put him to bed. We rocked for about half an hour before I decided I was also tired and sleeping in that chair wasn’t going to do my any favours. So I took him to my bed and that’s where my husband found us when he came home from work. Aaaaaand my kid was wide awake. Needless to say, it was not a fun night.

We also tried taping his diaper on with electrical tape on Saturday night. He still managed to rip the diaper off. Putting the onesie on backwards was not an option because the collar was too tight. So last night we put the diaper on backwards and used packing tape to cover the tabs and the seams. While he was pantless this morning, HE HAD HIS DIAPER ON! Mission accomplished. For the time being.

In other news, we’re still waiting on the payout. It didn’t come on Friday like I was really hoping to. My tablet has also decided that connecting to the wi-fi and GMail is optional which is really annoying.

I also watched the music video for “Turn Down For What”. Watch it. But not at work.


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